WoW Hunter Guide – Stand Back and Watch

The Hunter is a great class to play and is mainly known for his ability to have a pet at his side while shooting from distance. At first you will be playing without a pet but around level 10 you will be given several Hunter specific quests with as final reward the ability to tame beasts which then become your pet. With a pet at the Hunter’s side leveling truly becomes a walk in the park. You can send in your pet to attack a target while you yourself just stand at range and fire several shots with your bow, gun or crossbow to deal some extra damage.

On top of the abilities to tame and use pets a Hunter has a lot of other tricks and damaging shots and stings. The Hunter can place various traps that either deal damage or slow a target, or freezes targets which can come in really handy. Even though only one trap can be active at the time it gives a great boost to the playability of a Hunter. When things get really tricky for a Hunter he has the ability to Feign Death, which make the Hunter act like he’s dead which will make all its enemies run off most of the times.

Next to being very good in solo situations a Hunter is also a good asset to Dungeon, Raid and PvP groups. They have various boosts in their talent trees and their traps can come in handy in these situations as well. Their pets can be used to get enemies of the healers in the groups and add to the overall damage. The Hunter itself can dish out great amounts of damage and also have an ability called Misdirect which directs the threat caused by the three first following shots of the Hunter to the tank which makes the whole group’s job a lot easier. The tank will have an easier time tanking while the healer only has to focus his heals on the tank and the damage dealers don’t have to watch their agro all the time.

Because there are many Hunters out there however, it is nice to be one of the better ones because the competition is hard. Because it is such a nice class you will have a hard time to find spots in groups and raids from time to time unless you join a nice guild or have active friends who know that you can play well. One of the most important things is that you have a build that suits you best and allows you to assist the group in the best way possible or to deal massive amounts of damage.

The Hunter’s talent trees are called Survival, Marksmanship and Beast Mastery. Beast Mastery is definitely the best talent tree for leveling. Because the pet gets a lot of boosts in this talent tree the Hunter can basically send in the pet to attack several mobs and go drink a cup of coffee while his pet slays everything around him. On top of an immensely strong pet a Beast Master Hunter will also be able to run faster which also increases the leveling speed.

A Marksmanship Hunter will obtain new shots and stings through his or her talent tree which increases the damage output. This talent build is usually used for raiding Hunters because with it one can do nice amounts of damage. The Survival Built is often chosen by PvP Hunters because it offers a lot of Survivability. The Survival talent tree also gives a boost to the Hunter’s traps and also gives him more Stamina etc. On top of that he receives a few shots like Shatter shot and Explosive Shot which are great in PvP.

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