Why Do Girls Keep Flaking On Me? Dating Tips For Men

This is a really common problem among guys learning to get better with women.

Often they have had zero success with women, then they start learning how to talk to girls, they get a phone number and they experience a surge of adrenaline and joy like never before.

They feel that finally they are getting somewhere.

Then next day you call her up and…nothing. The phone just rings and rings and rings…nothing. So you send her a text – again, nothing. So you call again the next day and..nothing.

This then becomes a familiar pattern – you get on well with a girl, take her number and next call girls in islamabad day it’s like you don’t exist.

Here’s what going on:

1) You didn’t create a strong enough connection early on

This is especially true when you meet girls in bars. Realize that an attractive girl probably has 10 or more guys trying to pick her up every night. Let’s say 7 of them bore the pants off her, but 3 make her laugh a bit and she gives them her number. 2 of the 7 were a bit pushy, so she gave them her number as well, just to try and make them go away.

Next day, all 5 of them get in touch with her. When you take into account how many guys she has spoken to, alcohol, flashing lights, all kinds of things grabbing her attention all night long – is she really that likely to separate you from any other guy she spoke to if you just had a decent conversation for 10 minutes or so?


You have to use banter and rapport here. Banter in the initial stages so you come in high energy and fun and you make her laugh. Rapport so you have some kind of connection, so when you call up she actually remembers you.

2) You didn’t give specifics about exactly when you would call/text

Personally I’m a bit too old for texting, so I prefer to call. But it’s OK to say ‘I’ll text you tomorrow’ – the only problem is that you’re then sat there waiting for her to respond.

If you give specifics, she knows to expect your call.

If you do text, one thing you can try is giving her a nickname when you first meet. Just pick out something in her personality – let’s say you tease her a little bit and she teases you back, you might say…’wow, you’re feisty! I like that…good work, Miss Feisty!’

Then for the rest of the conversation you refer to her as Miss Feisty.

Often she will respond with ‘well if you’re calling me Miss Feisty, I’m calling you Mr Jerk!’

When you text or call next day, you can simply say ‘Heeeeeyyyy… Miss Feisty! What’s going on!!?’

This will make her laugh, as she will instantly remember the conversation and more importantly, remember you. You can expect a text back like ‘Mr Jerk…how are you?’

Then, just call her right up and talk to her – banter and rapport like you did the previous night.

3) If you arranged a date, you made it too much pressure

Keep first dates low key when you don’t know each other that well. She will be worrying about whether the conversation will be awkward – so if you arrange a 7 course banquet, she will be concerned about what happens if you realise you have nothing to say to each other and they haven’t even served the appetizers yet.

Make it clear that it’s nothing major, and you can both end the date at any time if you feel it’s not going well.

This will greatly increase the chances of her actually turning up.

So there you have it…give these tips a try, and you might find yourself actually meeting some of your girls again!

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