To All Internet Marketers, Solo Ezine Ads Are Alive and Well!

Internet Marketers should go back and visit Solo Ezine Ads once again. They are still alive and doing quite well. Solo ezine ads are advertisements placed in different Ezines where you have the only ad that the subscribers will have to read. Sending out the only ad in the publication will almost guarantee that your ad is read. Ezines are electronic newsletters sent out to a list of opt in subscribers who willingly said they would accept ads from the publisher.

By choosing the right ezine, you should  classified free ads  get a more than favorable response to your ad because the subscribers are familiar with the publisher and also respect their judgment. Some say a well written ad sent through this type of median could possibly create wealth. Internet marketers have actually used this method of advertising to build huge down lines and large organizations in their business.

Although no one can guarantee your results when doing ezine advertising, it is a great chance to get your message out in front of a large receptive list of subscribers. Knowing that you have basically eliminated any competition by running a solo ad in the publication, it’s now up to you to deliver an ad that will get the click and close the sale.

Before you go off and spend lots of money on Ezine ads, you should spend some time learning and improving your copy writing skills. Solo ads in top notch ezines don’t come cheap so be prepared and well rehearsed before you spend the money. When you do write that perfect ad, remember customers only want to know, WIFM, what’s in it for me? Talk in their language, using you and yours instead of me or I and you have a better shot of getting them to buy.

Once you have created your ad, have others read it, critique it for you and make any suggestions that they might have. Usually lay the ad aside for 24 hrs and then come back and see if it flows and makes sense to you. Before someone is going to buy your product, they have to have a need for it, so find out what your readers problem might be, then show them how your product will solve it for them. That’s why you need to re-read your ad, just to make sure it address’s your prospects problem.

Once you have your ad ready for distribution you need to find a resource to send your message out for you. You can do a Google search for ezine directories to get a complete list of publishers or if you’re in the “make money online” niche, check out the listings at There are thousands of different ezines to choose from, most are free but some do require a membership fee. To get started subscribe to a few of the publications and see if they are of any value or try offering your product or service to the owner for his or her review. If you can get a favorable review from a trusted ezine publisher, that could mean big profits for you.

As with any advertising campaign, once again you should track your ads. If you use more than one ezine, you need to know which publication is actually pulling for you so you can delete the ones that aren’t. In order to track you ads, LinkCounter has been highly recommended and they offer a 3 month free trial so you can see if it’s improving your results. The main feature is stats provided in real time for you so you’re always up to date. Regardless of what kind of ads you run, it’s important to track your clicks or it could be costing you money.

When search engines started offering their AdWords campaigns, internet marketers seem to abandon the ezine marketing ideas but these ads still pull because of the targeted market that you can appeal to. Spend some time searching for good quality ezines in your target market and remember a well written ad in a quality publication could still bring in a few thousand dollars.

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