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Sales Management and Blitz Sales Teams – Case Study for Automated Truck Washes

In business, it pays to go after the market share hard and heavy. It makes sense fleet automation to put together sales teams, and to overwhelm the marketplace and your competition by blitzing for new business. Indeed, this is something I had always done in my company previously before retirement. It always worked, and there are reasons for such strategies whether it is in sports, business, or warfare. Okay so, let’s talk about sales management and running blitz teams, and for this case study let’s use the example of an automated truck wash.

Sending out a personal sales team blitzing the marketplace to get fleet truck washing customers works very well if it is coordinated correctly. You see, there is a lot of leg work and work involved in selling fleet accounts, but it’s something you must do. You’d be surprised how much fleet business there is out there, but you have to hit the pavement and attack the territory as if it is a zone grid offensive challenge. I recommend getting a very large map of the area, putting it on the wall, and literally hitting every square inch of it.

You should use the white pages of the phone book, the Yellow Pages, and comb through all the business directories you can find from the Chamber of Commerce, economic development association, Book of Lists, and even look through the business licenses of all the trucking companies, and various companies around your area to find out who is where, who is who, and get all the contact information you need. Get addresses, contact names, phone numbers, fax numbers, and find out how many units of what type they run.

Further, if you are private pilot, then I recommend that you fly around over the city and look at everything from an aerial perspective. You might be surprised how many out of the way trucking companies, agricultural companies, and fleets of vehicles there are. If you are not a private pilot, or you do not have access to recent aerial pictures, I recommend that you fly over the city using your laptop and Google Earth. Next, you need to break down each area by regions, and types of businesses; industrial area, and send in a personal sales force in two man teams – The Blitz Team.

Now then, I’d like you to please consider all this as you develop your own blitz team strategy, and as you go into the marketplace to pick up new customers for your business, regardless of what industry it is in. Think about how we approach the problem in the truck cleaning sector, and use some of these ideas for yourself.

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