Private Health insurance or Socialized Medicine

Today in america, many people are divided on the issue of private health insurance compared to socialized medicine. Attitudes are raging and even households are increasingly being divided on the issue. Valium For Sale Both systems have their benefits and disadvantages. Here, the goal is to assess the two systems in plain, everyday terms to benefit the consumer that has no knowledge on the subject and is seeking an overview.

Although some Americans think that socialized medicine would be a better option, the truth of the matter is that almost all consumers that currently live in countries with socialized medicine would like to have private insurance instead. Many Canadian citizens actually come to the states for medical treatment because they think that private healthcare is more advanced than play games. This might be a case of the your lawn being greener opposed to this of the Buy Valium fencing. Only you can decide for yourself who would be most appropriate for you and your family.

The one of the major pitfalls of socialized medicine is the lack of quality care. If a doctor’s paycheck is provided regardless of the quality of his care, there is little bonus for him to master his work. With private healthcare and insurance, doctors are forced to compete for business and thus are focused to give the best care possible in hope that the patient will return. Often in countries with socialized medicine the doctors employed by the costa rica government are not closely administered and their plan manner is nearly never taken into consideration.

In a free market business owners strive for optimum customer care for the success of their business. If you are not satisfied with your hair dresser, you would seek out another. Even in fields other than medicine employees should preferably give ideal service and are given rewards to do so. Would you want your health in the hands of a doctor that has no bonus to perform his job well?

Another major downfall of socialized medicine is the lack of choice. Private insurance provides a patient the freedom of choice. In a socialized system, healthcare offices are issued to areas and without a competitive market there would be only one option within each region. If a consumer is not delighted by the local office they might have to travel out of their region to get an option of better care. With private insurance there are certain healthcare offices that are in the insurers preferred network, but usually there are enough offices in the network to provide adequate options. Even if the healthcare provider you prefer is not in your insurance network, there is usually still coverage for the provider in a lesser amount.

One third major downfall of socialized medicine is the inability of the consumer to acquire the help they need. Private insurance gives you the ability to seek the care you require. In many countries with socialized medicine, it is easy to get in to see an overall practitioner, but you are put on a waiting list to see a specialized practitioner. Sadly this often takes months, if not years. It is commonly said about countries with socialized medicine that if you have a condition requiring specialized care, you may die before you get it.

Truly, the best option for you is to do the research yourself and make an informed decision. Take the points given here into consideration and decide what is best for you and your family.

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